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Sun 26 Jun 2022
Wood Street CC
Flemish Giants CC
Friendly XI
FG VS WOOD STREET 2022 – Sunday 26TH June

FG VS WOOD STREET 2022 – Sunday 26TH June

Bill Weston28 Jun 2022 - 21:49
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Sunday’s Giants – Ketan Amin, Jamie Edwards (wkt), Brian Furness, Oller Furness, Nick Main, Aayush Patel, Andrew Penfold, Jacob Kalnins,
Rohan Singh, Andy Stevens (c) and Ned Weston.

After a visit to the magnificent leafy Mynthurst, the Giants travelled to the even more leafy and tropical climes of Wood Street Village. In the absence of Captain Tom W, it was Rohan’s ‘FirstCapital Connect service from Putney to Guildford’ that carried the majority of the XI, in his Mum’s brand new (dark green) Mini. A most comfortable experience made all the better by hearing interim Captain Andy’s monologue about his match plans for the afternoon.

Surprisingly, all the Giants were well on time to watch Andy lose his one and only toss as Captain, with the oppo electing to bat on what looked like a tricky pitch. With parts of grass so luscious that Rohan’s Mum’s Mini would have blended right in, coupled with a number of patches that resembled Day 15 on a rank turner in Islamabad, the Giants opening bowlers limbered up. The Wood Street team looked largely unfamiliar, in receipt of a number of the UK Nepali XI. Badgers were disappointed to hear that Sandeep Lamichhane wasn’t among them - probably for the best, as Rohan would have lambasted him about his fleeting glimpses for the Delhi Capitals.

It was the turn of Nick to open the bowling, quickly getting a ferocious inswinger to take the edge of the Wood Street opener. 0-1. Ned, fresh from a long June of drinking in York immediately bowled a rank long hop which should’ve been put into Woking town centre, but instead found the gloves of Jamie ‘The Gazelle’ Edwards, leaping (or lurching, depending on your perspective) to clutch the ball two-handed.
0-2. Ned then bowled an absolute ‘beaut’ to their skipper, 0-3. At this point, Captain Andy had a furrowed brow, with Andrew in deep conversation with the square-leg umpire, desperate to cling onto the fixture. Fortunately, Andy had the solution and instructed Nick to “come of his short run” and the inevitably short, free your arms ball followed, which got Wood Street on the scoreboard.

Wood Street began to build a couple of partnerships, with the help of Jamie dropping an absolute sitter, probably put off by Aayush’s triumphant roar of celebration before the ball pounded the gloves. Matters were made worse by Captain Andy also dropping a catch, and then compounding his error the next ball with a throw that would have gone over three Aayush’s stacked on top of each other. Oller broke the partnership with another lovely ball inducing another edge to Jamie.

From 39-4, Wood Street recovered to 79-4, with the incumbent #3, shrewdly playing the situation and not giving away any opportunities. However, the bowling change of bringing on the senior pro, Brian Furness, ended any hopes of the 50 partnership, with Jacob snaffling a high catch. It looked very awkward, but he somehow clung on. Wood Street struggled to find the middle of the bat, in face of some continued bowling, and lost wickets regularly, reaching 99-6 after drinks.

However, Wood Street’s #8 had a few tricks up his sleeve. Making his mark with a number of solid shots, he started visibly salivating when Captain Andy started warming up his off spin. After a couple of swipes Aayush would have been proud off, he absolutely connected with one, and did actually put Andy over Woking town centre and beyond. It was a magnificent display of counterattacking. However, all good things must come to an end, and the Giants collectively booed Jamie when he stumped the poor guy off a wide - although this did mean Jamie picked up the Giants’ second Fielding Honours Cap, for 5 dismissals, to join Simon Hubbard on the (virtual) board - a notable achievement in only his second game.

Despite the attempts of Jacob to get Wood Street over 200, Wood Street closed on 145-9 from their 40. Bowling highlights were a tidy 4-10 from Ned, who quietly went about his work, Oller taking 2-18 and Brian 2-25. Catches were held by all (except Andy and Brian, who dropped 2 each, and the aforementioned effort from Jamie).

Sadly, no update to the ‘Tom Allkins’ Tea Report’ in the double absence of Tom A and any tea. Instead, Brian decided to give the clothes pegs a 1/5 in the changing room. Not sure what they did to him in a past life.

Messrs Jacob and Ketan walked up to open the batting and saw off the first couple of overs. A pacey quick moving it both ways, and a spinner turning it horizontally across the pitch. After a solid start, Jacob, and then Andrew both fell to the spinner before Andy spanked the hattrick ball for 4. 15-2 became 37-3, with Ketan caught off the bowling of the impressive quick, which brought Aayush to the crease.

Despite the wisdom of Andy encouraging Aayush to ‘relax into the occasion’, everyone knew this probably wouldn’t work. Soon enough, Aayush absolutely hammered his first ball up into the air, which was put down after a pretty nasty on-field collision. Not content with his work, Aayush preceded to repeat the trick - another drop. It was an effective ploy in two ways. Firstly, he got off the mark. But maybe more usefully, he got the field back. At one point, Wood Street had a long-on, two men at cow corner, and a short mid-wicket - presumably for the quick single(?). Aayush was obviously still able to put it through the gaps.

Andy and Aayush were putting together a solid partnership before one of the many candidates for ‘Most Village Moment of the Day’. Aayush attempted a sort of reverse paddle scoop sweep swish flick, without any footwork or any real urgency. The ball cannoned into the pads, with Nick under absolutely no hesitation to literally point Aayush back to the pavilion. We think he was taking inspiration from Tom Banton, who middled Nathan Ellis into Taunton earlier in the week. But Aayush is not Tom Banton.

Wickets continued to fall regularly, and when Andy fell for a well put together (shock) 45, the Giants were staring down the barrel at 91-6, which soon became 107-8, with 39 still required. Nevertheless, the cool head of Rohan Singh was still at the crease. Now, as regular Giants’ watchers will know, Rohan is blessed with cover drive, which when fully functioning, is a wonder to behold but can sometimes induce incredibly stress-inducing episodes familiar to anyone who watches Zak Crawley or James Vince bat. However, Rohan’s timing on Sunday was sublime, and the runs began to flow again. Nick fell with 20 still required, and it was down to no11 Ned to set up camp while Rohan punctured the offside. The Giants winning with a nudge from Ned past fine leg for another 1 wicket win.

The third one wicket win this season, you can’t say we’re not good value for money. I’d much rather go and watch the Giants than re-mortgage my imaginary flat to watch a Test Match at Lords.

A swathe of candidates for Player of the Match - Andy for his 45, Ned for 4-10 and his last wicket partnership, Jamie for his 5 dismissals, Jacob for being there, but there was only 1 winner - Rohan, for his match winning 33*, and handy figures with the ball. Numerous candidates for ‘Most Village’ as well - I think probably best to wait until The End of Season Extravaganza when we can vote on the winner, because, if you’ve somehow got to the bottom of this, I’m sure you will appreciate by now, it’s an impossible call. I haven’t even mentioned how Brian wasn’t even watching the game when he dropped his second chance.

Up the Giants, winners win, rabbits find holes to get themselves out of, bring on Shepperton.

Flemish Giants win by 1 wicket (37 balls remaining)
Player of the Match - Rohan Singh, 33* and 0-13 (4)
Giants Moment of the Match - Nick triggering Aayush to howls of laughter from both teams

Nick Main – June 2022

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